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Cats for adoption

Andy (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: Siamese

Character: loving - calm - cuddly - talkative

Estimated date of birth: November 2018

This is Andy. He is a one-year old male Siamese. He has been at home with Denis & Glynis, their 2 dogs and 3 cats since being found. He is a dream. He is a very loving, chilled-out cat and not bothered by the dogs or even when the other cats are a bit nasty to him. He talks a lot and loves to cuddle. He was castrated last week and has already started his programme of vaccination.
If you are interested in adopting Andy, please call or whatsApp 693 27 73 57 or contact us through our contact page.


He was found on the n332 at Coveta Fuma end of October with a collar and he has a UK chip which is not registered to anyone.

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