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Azahara (adopted)

Gender: female / sterilized

Breed: podenco ibicenco / ibizan hound

Character: playful – affectionate – energetic – gentle

Weigt: 18 kilos

Estimated date of birth: June 2017

Azahara is a happy, healthy and sociable girl. She is energetic and playful, she loves to hang out with other dogs (and with humans too!). At home she is calm and behaves very well, and she gets along with cats.


Azahara was found lonely and starving near to El Dorado, El Campello in November 2018. No one knows exactly what had happened to her; whether she had been abandoned, lost of escaped, but it was very clear that she had not eaten in a long time.

Contact information


Avenida Germanies, 20,

03560 El Campello

Tel: 693 69 86 86

Charity number: 3817

NIF: G03842655


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