Azahara, female, about 2 years old, 18 kilos

This was Azahara when she was first taken in. She was starving hungry. No one knows exactly what had happened to her; whether she had been abandoned, lost of escaped, but it was very clear that she had not eaten in a long time.

She is now putting on a little weight - not too much because Podencos are naturally slim.


Azahara was found lonely and starving near to El Dorado, El Campello in November 2018. She is healthy, sociable and a happy girl. She looks to be an Andalucian Podenco, she is slighly bigger than our other podencos.

Azahara learning to sit

Azahara is responding well to her training. She is a bright and obedient girl.

Azahara ready for playtime

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