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Dogs for adoption

Bella (adopted)

Gender: female / sterilised

Breed: labrador retriever

Character: friendly - active - playful - eager to learn

Weight: 28 kilos

Date of birth: 01-01-2018

100% labradors, Bella and Bobby are pure happiness generators! These happy-go-lucky dogs love nothing more than a game of fetch, a dip in the pool and a cuddle with their human. They both love snacks and trying to take a swim in their water buckets.

Sadly, their owner has faced severe medical problems and therefore can no longer take care of them. That’s why we are looking for a new home for them, hopefully together, but they can be rehomed separately.

Bobby and Bella are well-adjusted dogs who are used to living in a home. They know basic commands and walk well on the lead, although they can sometimes be a little overenthusiastic as they love going for walks so much.

They are smart dogs who like to work for you and learn new things quickly. They seem to be labradors from a working line, since they are more active than the average companion labrador. Though Bella is a little overweight at the moment (she just loves snacks too much!), so we hope to find an active family for her so she can get back into shape!

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