Dogs for adoption

Billy (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: labrador mix

Character: affectionate - smart - obedient - playful

Weigt: 29 kilos

Estimated date of birth: July 2011

This is Billy. He is an 8 year old Labrador cross. He had been chained up all his life in 3 metres square, until recently when we rescued him. He is very happy in his new home at the holiday hotel (El Rey de la Casa). He's loving having friends to play with and he loves to run and play in "the pista" and the pools. Besides that, he is a very good student, very obedient and eager to learn. This loving boy should have a family to love and care for him - after all he's been through he deserves it. If you are looking for a mature healthy dog, one that will love you and be the most faithful ever, then Billy is the one for you.


Billy was dumped at Bacarot by his owner, after being chained up all his life. We rescued him 29 June 2019.

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