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Dogs for adoption

Billy (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: labrador mix

Character: playful - affectionate - eager to learn

Weight: 29 kilos

Estimated date of birth: July 2011

This is Billy. He is a labrador cross who had been chained up all his life in 3 metres square, until we rescued him. He loves to run and play in the doggy playground and the pools. Although he is an adult dog, he's a bit like a puppy: always ready to play and do fun stuff, and he loves attention! It looks like he wants to catch up on all the fun he missed in his first years! Besides that, he is a very good student, very eager to learn.

Because of the abuse he has been through in the past, Billy needs an experienced owner who wants to spend time with him and respects his boundaries. For this reason, it would be best for him to live with a single person or with a couple, in any case without children. Also, he doesn't always get along well with cats. We think he would thrive as the only (and therefore the most important!) dog in the house.

Billy is Leishmania-positive, which is very well under control. We know it won't be easy to find a home for Billy because of this. But we're not giving up hope, we're not giving up on Billy. After everything he's been through, he deserves to live in a lovely home for the rest of his life.


Billy was dumped at Bacarot by his owner, after being chained up all his life. We rescued him 29 June 2019.

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