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Casper, male,1 year old, 18 kilos

Casper dissapeared in July and when a rescue-team managed to catch Listo, we had not seen the son in several weeks. Suddenly, two weeks ago, the dog appeared in San Vicente.


A boy caught Casper and took him home, but it now turns out he cannot keep him. So we took the dog in yesterday. We did a check at the vet, dewormed him and took a blood test. He behaved really well, although he was scared. He is now in quarantine but shortly he will be reunited with his father and will gradually loose his fear. Casper is a young male of one year and weighs 17.5 kilos.

Out of quarantine

Casper has been castrated and now needs a good home. Could you love this adorable little boy and give him a loving home?


Casper is so happy in his new home with Alan & Nigel. He gets lots of love and cuddles. What a wonderful life he has now.

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