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Dogs for adoption

Coco (reserved)

Gender: female

Breed: shepherd mix

Character: playful - energetic - affectionate

Weight: 15 kilos

Estimated date of birth: Feb 2022

A ray of sunshine! Coco is definitely the right kind of dog for someone with energy, someone who loves to go outside and be active. We imagine Coco’s best life walking around with her human best friend on adventures. Roughly one year old, Coco has a lot of life left in her and definitely needs an owner that would like to see her grow old and spend lots of time together.

Currently, we are working with Coco not to jump up on people because she is such a sweetheart that she just cannot contain her excitement when she sees her humans!

Cars, kids and cats? We’ll keep you updated about how this little lady does when faced with novelty! As for now, our volunteers are just getting to know this little one and enjoy watching her open up to the team.

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