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Dogs for adoption

Dopey (adopted)

Gender: male / neutered

Breed: mixed breed

Character: affectionate - energetic - playful - loyal

Weight: 14 kilos

Date of birth: Nov 2016

Dopey is an absolute ball of love and affection! He is energetic, docile and loyal, completely driven to please his human. He is very sweet, and his name says a lot, he can be a bit dopey, indeed. He is, however, very food motivated, making training him a walk in the park.


With other dogs, Dopey is playful and confident; he is both sociable and respectful. Dopey has had only positive interactions with children. On the other hand, he is not a lover of the feline species.


This chap would definitely do better with some outdoor space and an active family because he is an active lover of playtime. Along with his many other qualities, Dopey rides well in a car and walks well on a leash.


Back in 2016, Dopey was found with his mother and six siblings in the Monnegre riverbed. APAC found homes for the mother and all the pups, Dopey was then adopted as a young pup and he had a wonderful life in his new home.


Sadly, his owner passed away recently and poor Dopey has had a very hard time coping with that. We therefore hope to quickly find a new, wonderful home for Dopey so that he can enjoy the love and warmth of his own new family again.

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