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Dogs for adoption


Gender: male

Breed: English pointer

Character: active - affectionate - independent

Weight: 23 kilos

Estimated date of birth: March 2021

Jack is a burst of fresh energy and Spain’s own Usain Bolt! He is a born runner, absolutely free. Jack is incredibly intelligent and energetic! He needs to be taken on long walks and would thrive in off-leash dog parks. But beware! In addition to being bestowed with the gift of speed, Jack can also clear quite large barriers with just the spring in his step. The ideal owner for Jack needs to be prepared for an independent and intelligent dog; that is to say, a dog who will need a lot of mental stimulation and freedom. Jack is incredibly affectionate toward humans and dogs, and ideally would go to a home with another dog. In addition to being allowed into the home of his new loving family, his ideal thriving conditions would provide him with some outdoor space so as to allow him to stretch his long legs.

We are working on a return cue with Jack, but he makes it easy since he loves to chase the ball and come back for a reward!  

Cars? Not a problem for Jack; he’s as chill as a cucumber in the backseat. Cats? As far as our team has witnessed at the shelter and vet, Jack does not make any moves for cats. As for children, Jack seems to adore them in the interactions he has had so far!

As for now, our volunteers are just getting to know this gentle boy and enjoy watching him thrive in his surroundings.

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