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Dogs for adoption

Kiev (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: pointer

Character: gentle - sensitive - insecure - timid

Weight: 20 kilos

Estimated date of birth: Jan 2021

Kiev came to us in a similar state to what humans would diagnose as post traumatic stress symptoms. He was rescued from the streets of Venta Lanuza where he was abandoned by a person that we can only assume was a monster...

But despite the trauma Kiev has been through, he has a beautiful heart. Underneath his insecurities, there is a lot of love in him and despite his fear has never showed any agression.

Although Kiev is safe with a foster family, he is still learning how to accept love. Due to the severe maltreatment, his neurological, biological and psychological mechanisms have been altered. If you can imagine a stress meter from 0 to 10 with a normal person or animal being at a 2 during rest, Kiev is probably around an 8. This is a normal response to what Kiev has experienced. Kiev shows excellent progress and growth in his human-animal interactions. He is already more confident with his foster family and having another dog around clearly gives him more confidence. However, Kiev still needs time and patience to rehabilitate and enter the life of enjoyment that all dogs deserve.

As Kiev is a special case, his adopter will have the full support of our team post-adoption to help with desensitization and confidence training.

Kiev is good on a leash, great in car rides, but still fearful around cars and other people. He is great with other dogs, but is still learning how to interact. His ideal home would be a calm household without children, a quiet place in the countryside, , where overstimulation is not a risk. Preferably there is an other, confident dog in the household as a support for Kiev. Ideal adopters are those who have plentiful experience with dogs and a profound sense of compassion and love for animals.


Kiev was rescued from the streets of Venta Lanuza where he had been seen for weeks, scavenging for food, not daring to come near people. We assume that Kiev was mistreated and abandoned by a hunter, someone who does not care about the physical and mental wounds he inflicts on an innocent living being...

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