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Dogs for adoption

Kizi (adopted)

Gender: female

Breed: bichon maltese

Character: timid - sensitive - sweet

Weight: 2.2 kilos

Date of birth: 01 December 2008

Urgently needed: a true angel to provide a loving foster or adoption home for Kizi. This poor little girl needs a warm and safe place to heal and regain strength.

Kizi is a 13 year old Bichon Maltese, weighing only 2.2 kilos. She was found in a complicated situation: due to illness of her owner she was neglected, which resulted in the state she is in now. We immediately started treatment for Kizi's health conditions and she will also have to undergo surgery. Because of the current treatment she can only be vaccinated in a few weeks and has to stay in quarantine until then, since she is very vulnerable for infections in her current state.

We very much wish her to spend at least the upcoming time in a warm, loving home situation.

Because of the infection risk, no other dog(s) can be present in the home, or at least no dogs that come in contact with other dogs and bring an infection risk into the home. 

And in Kizi's previous situation, she was allowed to go potty inside the house. We do not know if she was housetrained in the past, but a foster parent or adopter needs to consider if they have the patience and time to deal with this (of course, doggy diapers and/or puppy mats can be very handy in this situation and will be provided if needed).

We are looking for someone who can give Kizi the comfort and protection she needs, especially in this cold winter period.

Will you help little Kizi out? Please contact us by filling out the application form (for fosters, not all questions in the form are relevant, please fill them in with - ).


Kizi's case is a very sad story: due to illness of her owner she was neglected, which resulted in Kizi being in a poor state of health when we found her.

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