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Dogs for adoption

Kris (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: Jack Russell terrier

Character: playful - affectionate - impulsive - feisty - enthusiastic - active

Weight: 8 kilos

Estimated date of birth: April 2020

This is Kris. A young Jack Russell terrier, playful and affectionate, but also stress-sensitive and impulsive. He has had a lot to deal with in the past few months and because of all the built-up stress he has developed the habit of lashing out at things that he perceives as threatening. His main triggers are other dogs (when Kris is on a leash himself), and cars/motorcycles passing by. Kris then reacts with the motto: attack is the best defence.


In order to reverse this behavioural pattern, Kris would really need a low-stimulus environment to calm down his over-stimulated state of mind and then step by step learn how to calmly deal with these triggers, on his own tempo.

Therefore we are now specifically looking for a home for him in the countryside, or a home with a garden in a quiet neighbourhood, away from a busy urban environment, with experienced and patient dog people, in a calm household. Rehoming him in an urban environment would probably only worsen the problem: daily confrontations with triggers that Kris finds threatening would push his stress levels sky-high, leading to even more outbursts, and we don't want to put him through that.


Off-leash Kris is fine being around other dogs, but he can get a bit feisty when he feels he needs to protect his resources (toys, food, human attention). He is not good with cats, he wants to chase them.

But besides mentioning Kris' points of attention, we should of course not forget to tell you all his positive sides! He is a sweet, fun-loving little chap, very people-oriented, active and enthusiastic. He loves attention and is keen on learning new tricks or playing interactive games with his humans.


Kris is now receiving behaviour modification training and he is improving very well. We ask the future adopters to continue Kris' training by this method (our dog behaviourist will of course instruct you on the details of this training).


We are confident that in the right environment and with the right guidance, Kris will certainly learn to react more calmly to triggers he finds difficult, but adopters will have to take into account that busy urban environments with many other dogs, lots of cars, etc. may always remain difficult for Kris to cope with.


Are you interested in adopting this little guy, and importantly, can you offer him the environment and guidance he needs? Please fill in the application form via the button below.


Kris was found on the N332 near the dry river bed. Despite our efforts to find his owner, no one has come forward.

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