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Dogs for adoption

Luna (adopted)

Gender: female / sterilized

Breed: german shepherd

Character: sweet - gentle - playful - smart

Weight: 22 kilos

Estimated date of birth: July 2015

Luna is a super sweet and gorgeous looking german shepherd lady.

She is loves to interact with people and do things together like obedience training, ball games, search games, or cuddling of course! She gets along well with some dogs, but she has her preferences and does not like all of them. Well, we humans also don't automatically like everyone, do we?


There is an important thing we have to mention about Luna. She has an eye condition which means she has impaired vision. The condition is called pannus and our vet estimates that she can see about 50%. However, Luna copes well with it and does not bump into anything. This condition can be treated well with daily application of an eye ointment for the rest of her life. Luna is not expected to go completely blind, although her sight may deteriorate with age, no guarantees can be given for this.


This means that we are not looking for just any home for Luna. We are looking for a loving and responsible home, with owners who will take Luna's condition into consideration and who are well aware of what it entails. And we think it would be great for Luna to have another dog in the house (provided it clicks well between them, of course) that she can lean on.


It seems she is used to being in a house, and because she is a gentle, easily trainable girl who is willing to learn new things, we don’t expect any issues with her becoming a well-mannered house dog. She seems fine being around house cats. With her sweet nature, we assume that she will get along well with children, but we think due to her eyesight it’s best if the children are at least 6 years old and understand how they should behave around dogs.


She walks well on the lead, is well-behaved at the vet and travels well in the car.

It seems that she gets a bit overwhelmed in a busy environment with passing cars etc., which is why we do not recommend a home in a busy urban environment for her.

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