Maya, female, 2 years old, 7 kilos

On Sunday 25th June, while driving from Campello to Busot, we found this poor little dog next to the road. She was very thirsty and full of ticks. No chip and no collar, probably abandoned.


We took her to the vet, she is pregnant and about two years old.


Very sweet and affectionate and suffering from all the ticks that are now starting to fall off, after the treatment. For the moment she will be staying with Bea. She is now called her Maya.

Maya when we found her

Alone on the road from El Campello to Busot

Poor little thing was looking distressed when we spotted her suffering at the roadside.

Full of ticks

Not in a good condition

In the beginning she ran away when we stopped but we put water down and drove away. When we came back she was drinking. A very nice man helped us and together we could catch her and bring her home. Once she had eaten and drunk she started to trust us and moved her tail. We could check she did not have a chip. She is not very dirty although she has several ticks and had prickles in her fur.

Taken home

We gained her trust and took her home

Maya is about 2 years old and heavily pregnant. She will stay with Bea until after the babies are born.

And now the babies

7 born - 6 still alive

Between 10 AM and 2PM on 14th July Maya give birth to seven pups, one of which was dead. The other six seem healthy, they are already drinking with their mother. Maya is a wonderful mother, she has cleaned them one by one and now, after eating and drinking something herself, is lying down calmly with her six pups. In the following days we will present you the six pups, there are three brown ones and three white ones with brown or black spots. We will need your help with names, please send us ideas. For the moment we are happy that all has gone relatively well and that Maya did not have to give birth on the streets (where she was found 2,5 weeks ago).

Six healthy babies

Would you like to name one?

We have six healthy babies and will need some help in naming them. There are three brown ones and three white ones with brown or black spots.

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