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Dogs for adoption

Mikey (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: corgi mix

Character: nervous - eager to learn - likes ball games

Weight: 9 kilos

Estimated date of birth: April 2018

This is Mikey! He is a special case. He has been with APAC since the beginning of 2020 and our volunteers and Maria and her team at Hotel Canino El Rey de la Casa have worked tirelessly to get Mikey to the stage where we now feel he is ready to go into a home. It could be foster care or pre-adoption.

For Mikey's sake we're going to be very clear, because by his cute little face you can't see what this little dog has been through and we don't want people to underestimate this. Mikey is a traumatized dog and therefore he has certain behavioral problems. In the past months he has developed very well and we feel it would be good for his further development if he would stay in a home environment.

We are therefore really looking for someone with a LOT of experience in dealing with special cases. Mikey is extremely nervous and needs to be in a home where someone is with him most of the time. He would be better in a home with another, balanced dog, but in any case, this has to be a home without children (and where no children visit regularly).

Mikey has been learning with our volunteers and responds very well to their commands. He is a young dog, free of disease, no Leishmania etc.

Of course, we will give extensive information about Mikey's behavior to those who may be interested in fostering or adopting him.

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