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Dogs for adoption

Neska (adopted)

Gender: female / sterilized

Breed: braque français / french pointer

Character: active - shy - friendly

Weight: 16 kilos

Estimated date of birth: December 2019

Neska is a friendly, playful young dog, and very beautiful as you can see! This active girl has a lot of energy and is looking for an owner to keep her in shape: playing ball games, dog park, obedience training, going on long walks, this fitgirl needs her exercise! But she also needs someone who understands very well that, due to the fact that she probably has not been a house dog before, there are a lot of things that she needs to learn and get familiar with. She is timid and shy, and she gets nervous and scared of urban environments with cars, noises, people around her, etc, things she hasn’t learned in her early life.

She has been in a foster home, that was quite a learning curve for her. She is clean in the house, but as a young dog that has always lived outside, she has to learn to handle objects in and around the house with care (and that not everything is a toy ...).


Therefore, Neska needs an experienced dog owner who is willing and prepared to invest their time, effort and patience in teaching this sweet girl how she needs to be a good house dog and helping her gain confidence and overcome her insecurities.

She is friendly towards children and gets along very well with other dogs. We think it would be good for Neska to live together with another (balanced) dog, so that this dog can be a support (and a playmate!) for her. We haven’t tested how she reacts around cats, but we think that living with cats might be difficult due to her hunting instinct (after all she is a pointer, can you blame her?). She travels well in the car, behaves well at the vet.


If you feel you could be a good match for Neska, please click the button below and complete the dog application form!


Neska had been living in the campo with what we think is her brother for about 6 weeks.

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