Pancho, male, 12 years old, 12 kilos


Pancho is twelve years old and weighs 12 kilos. He needs a home where they really love him. Not like the home where he lived until this morning and where they decided to abandon him. The poor dog had not been to the vet in years and had nails that were very long. We changed his chip, had him vaccinated, wormed and taken blood to analyze. He is confused, does not know what is happening to him but has not shown one bad gesture while his nails were cut or his blood was taken. What he now needs is a forever home where he can spend his last years surrounded with love.

Pancho in his foster home

Pancho was a bit in shock when he arrived in his foster home but now he is improving fast. He moves his tail when he sees his foster mum and he loves to explore the garden. It must be a big change after living on a balcony for a long time...

Cute Pancho

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