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Dogs for adoption

Rico (adopted)

Gender: male (will be castrated)

Breed: boxer

Character: calm - playful - affectionate - well-behaved

Weight: 40 kilos

Date of birth: 25 March 2017

This is Rico, a 5 year old boxer, who is looking for a new home due to personal circumstances of his previous owner.

Rico is a big guy with a very good heart. He has a playful but calm character, he likes long walks, playing with his ball and cuddling with his humans.

He is friendly towards people and other dogs, although he doesn't like it when other dogs provoke him. Rico has lived with cats when he was a puppy, but not in recent years. His previous owner thinks he will be okay with cats, but this has to be tested.

Rico does not like to be left alone for too long, he rather spends time together with his humans!

If you are interested in adopting this big boy, please fill out the application form (click the button below).


Due to personal circumstances of his previous owner, Rico is now looking for a wonderful new home.

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