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Dogs for adoption

Rudi (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: german shorthaired pointer

Character: sweet - calm - gentle

Weight: 34 kilos

Estimated date of birth: January 2018

Meet Rudi! He is a sweet big boy, with a calm nature. He is super sociable with other dogs and with people, he loves to play ball and work together with our volunteers. He is a very smart and obedient boy.

Easy-going is another trait that applies very much to Rudi. A visit to the vet? Taking a walk in the town? Going to a friend’s house for a visit? Rudi loves to come and hang out with you.


Rudi is now ready to go into his new home! We think that, because of his sweet character, he would get along fine with children and cats (but of course this is something that we will have to see in practise). The most important requirement is that Rudi has sweet people in his life!
Will you give Rudi the loving home he deserves? Please contact us by clicking the button below.


Rudi was found on the streets, very skinny and neglected. We took him into our care, had him vaccinated and had his blood tested (all clear!). He still needs to put on some last extra pounds, but the staff at the El Rey dog hotel and our volunteers make sure that Rudi gets his daily portion of tasty food and snacks!

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