Dogs for adoption


Gender: male / castrated

Breed: french pointer

Character: timid - gentle - fearful 

Weight: 18 kilos

Estimated date of birth: December 2019

This gorgeous boy is Sugus. After living on the campo for several months, a wonderful team of dog lovers managed to catch him and bring him into our care.

It is very clear that Sugus has had little contact with people, as he was very shut down and didn’t dare to make contact, didn’t even dare to move when people were around. Bit by bit, with the great help of the El Rey staff and our volunteer team, he is slowly starting to interact with humans and learning to trust them, and step by step he is opening up and showing more of his lovely, gentle character to us. But it is very clear that Sugus has a long way to go.


Is Sugus available for adoption or foster care yet? Well, only to a VERY special home, with very experienced dog people who are willing to invest their time and patience in Sugus, who have extensive knowledge about handling fearful dogs, and where Sugus would have a fully fenced garden where he can not escape from. Potential adopters/fosterers should be willing to first meet Sugus several times at the dog hotel to ensure that they build a bond with him before he can be taken home.


If you want to help Sugus on his journey and show him what it is like to have a home and to be loved, please contact us by clicking the button below and completing the form.


Sugus had been living on the campo for several months.