Súper, podenca 1 year old, 13 kilos, very affectionate

Today we took in a new dog, a young female podenco of about 1 year old and in a bad state. She has a deep wound in her head, is very skinny, a too tight chain on her neck and ticks.


The poor dog was in shock but she behaved very well at the vets, where her wound was cleaned and treated, a blood sample was taken and she was wormed.

Welcome to the APAC-family little Super, we .hope you will feel better soon. And thank you Angi for rescuing her.

How can she live like this

Who would put such a tight chain on an animal?

The chain around her neck was so tight - so cruel!


Such a sad, sorry state

The terrible wound in súper's head.

At the vets

The start to getting better

Her wound was cleaned and treated, a blood sample was taken and she was wormed.

Watch this space for details of Super's progress and her journey back to health and happiness through the kindness of APAC and Angi for rescuing her

Just look at her now! So elegant!

Super is looking much better

Today the vet saw that Súper is a lot better: the wound on her head is almost closed, she walks better and for the first time she gained a little bit of weight. We will continue with her treatment but it is a relief we are on the right track.

The wound

As you can see the wound is much smaller.

Latest Photo

Getting more confident and looking forward to a loving new home.

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