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Dogs for adoption


Gender: male

Breed: French bulldog mix

Character: see description

Weight: 22 kilos

Estimated date of birth: Mayo 2016

URGENT foster or adoption needed!

Since Tayson arrived in our care, he is having a really bad time... He has a great anxiety having been separated from his family after 7 years.
Tayson does
n't enjoy walks, sniffing or interacting... He looks at the horizon waiting for his owner to come back, but that is not going to happen.
He also has sores on his pads and the pain is not helping to reduce his stress, he is starting to eat less and less.


He is in therapy to reduce his stress and modify his anxious behaviours in search of his former family. Therefore, the person who takes him into FOSTER CARE OR ADOPTION would have to agree to follow our guidelines to prevent Tayson from becoming anxious in his new environment.

We are looking for a special person who wants to help and wants to follow the free training programme. APAC will take care of all expenses during the fostering.

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