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Dogs for adoption


Gender: male

Breed: podenco orito mix

Character: timid - sweet - cuddly

Weight: 8 kilos

Estimated date of birth: Feb 2022

This shy little guy is standoffish at first but quickly warms up to humans that show him affection. He has a bit of a confidence problem, definitely preferring to hide behind his owner when a potential threat comes along.

Topol is very sweet and cuddly and will definitely be the perfect “foot warmer” for your bed. Right now, Topol is not a big fan of his leash, but we are using positive reinforcement with the leash so that he enjoys being on it and realizes that it’s a sign he is going adventuring with a human; as of yet, he sees it as more of a nuisance to hold him back!

Cars, kids and cats? We’ll keep you updated about how this little guy does when faced with novelty! As for now, our volunteers are just getting to know this little one and enjoy watching him open up to the team.

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