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Dogs for adoption

Txico (adopted)

Gender: male / castrated

Breed: mix

Character: happy - affectionate - active

Weight: 12 kilos

Estimated date of birth: Sep 2014

This cute little man is Txico. He is looking for a new home for a very sad reason: his owner is terminally ill and cannot take care of him. Therefore, we jumped in to help find Txico the great new home he deserves.


Txico is a happy, active and loving dog. The APAC volunteers call him the ‘mini-labrador’: he has a playful character and spends the day playing or asking for love and cuddles from people and when there are puppies around, he acts like one. He is always friendly towards other dogs. For his age of seven years, he has a young and playful spirit, but he is very mature in his behaviour in the house, he is very clean.


From his owner we understood that Txico is not good with cats, he wants to chase them. We think he would get along well with children since he has such a loving character, but this is something that has to be tested because we have not been able to assess how he reacts to children in a home situation.


Txico is healthy, neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He behaves well in the car.


Even though Txico loves to hang out with the dogs in the dog hotel, he clearly misses his former life as a house dog, with lots of love and affection from his own human(s). Will you give this happy little man a loving home? Please contact us by clicking the button below and completing the application form!

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