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APAC – Asociación Protectora de Animales El Campello

We are a small group of people who work, without payment, to help dogs and cats in the town of El Campello.


We rescue stray and abandoned dogs and we also have a feral cat sterilisation program. For more information about our work with cats, and what you should do if you find a cat or kitten that your think may need help, please click HERE.


We provide total care for our dogs until we can find them permanent homes. All our dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized before being ready for adoption. Our volunteers work with the dogs to provide a structured training programme to help our dogs fit into their forever homes more easily.

Adopting a recuse animal is not the same as buying a puppy or kitten. Some of our animals have been through traumatic events and treatments and need time and patience from  our volunteers and also from the families that adopt them.

We provide advice and guidance during the selection process and we continue to keep in touch with the adoptive families to provide help and support whenever needed. Our aim is to ensure that all our animals have the very best in care both when they are with us and afterwards.


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If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs or cats, please first visit the  Cats for Adoption page or Dogs for Adoption page where you will find the animals for adoption and links to the application forms

Check out our info sheets for useful information about several pet related topics


Would you like to help APAC by volunteering? Find out more here

Animals looking for a home

APAC charity shop

Our shop is crucial to the funding of APAC. Without your donations and purchases we would not be able to help the animals.

We have a good selection of clothes, furniture, handbags, shoes, ornaments & crockery and much more. Our large selection of second-hand English books is extremely popular but we also have a good range of DVDs and video games.

Visit the web page of our shop to learn more about its location, opening hours, and how to support the shop in raising money for the animals!

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