Help APAC help the animals

There are various ways in which you can help APAC. With your help, we can continue to make a difference.


Our feral cat sterilisation programme and the care and rehoming of abandoned dogs is paid by our charity shop and by donations. We also organize some fundraising events. But to be able to help more dogs and cats in the Campello area, we need more finances.

All the financial donations go DIRECTLY to helping the animals - providing food, covering vet bills and kennel costs. None of our committee nor helpers receive payment.




You can help us by donating:

Teaming is an online tool to raise funds for helping social causes with micro donations of only 1€ a month. The philosophy is based on the idea that with 1€, If we are alone... we can't do too much but if we join together, we can make beautiful projects possible.

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Fundraising events


Many fundraising events take place during the year to help raise money for APAC to be able to continue in its invaluable work. Tombola and raffle items are always welcome, please donate if you have some! Please check out our event page for an overview of our upcoming events!


Charity shop


The selling of second hand goods helps us to pay for veterinary expenses, cat food, homing of abandoned dogs etc. By buying items from our shop, or by donating used goods for us to sell in the shop, you can help raise money for the animals. Check the shop page for more info!

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You can become a member of APAC. Just click the Membership button, print out and complete the form and drop it into our shop with the payment. Membership is 5€ per year. Once you have joined, we will send newsletters and other information to your e-mail account.




The work of APAC is done by volunteers and we can always use extra help. We mainly need people to help in our charity shop, so if you have some spare time and want to help out one morning a week, call our shop manager, Pamela Fielden, at 96 563 8129 or go to our contact form.

Beside the shop volunteers, we have volunteers who train our dogs that stay in the canine hotel, El Rey de la Casa. The volunteers teach the dogs good manners (for example lead walking, waiting at the door, no jumping) and basic commands like sit and down, to improve the dogs' chances of being adopted. If you are good at training dogs (with positive reinforcement techniques!), please contact us.

Of course, if you have other suggestions on how you can help APAC, please let us know.

Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!