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Cats & kittens

The main activity of APAC has been for 20 years and still is a sterilisation plan for feral cats in the area of El Campello.


To be able to catch the cats we feed more then a hundred cats every day and every now and then we take a cat or kitten in because it would not survive on the street, because the mother is nowhere around or because it is injured or ill. We do not have kennels and do not take in healthy cats or kittens that are with their mother. And even less if they are in private gardens or urbanizations. We do not have a space to take these cats to Bacarot and to put them in a cage in would be cruel for feral cats.


If you are looking for a home for cats that you found or that live around your house we can help to share the pictures but please remember, we only take them in if their life is in danger to rescue them. The more we spend on lodging the less money we have available for sterilisations. And one female less sterilized means four or five kittens more in a few months.

What to do if you find a cat

Do not automatically assume that it is lost or abandoned. Look around to see if there is evidence of other cats in the area, or that someone is leaving food. If this is the case, it is likely that the kitten belongs to a colony, and mum is not far away. If you are still concerned, check later to see if the kitten is still around.

Obviously if the kitten is distressed, sick or injured, it needs to go to the local vet, who will give you advice as to where the nearest animal charity is located.

Generally kittens are best left with their mother, and it is only if they have a real problem, should they be removed.

Having read the above information, if you still need help from us then you can contact Janice or Onny by completing the form on our contact page.

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