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Adoption procedure

Below you find a description of the standard steps of our adoption process.

In some exceptional cases it is possible to deviate from this procedure, but this is always in consultation with the APAC representative.

The description refers to the adoption of a dog because the majority of the animals we rehome are dogs. The adoption procedure for a cat is mainly the same, but for specific questions, please contact us.

Step 1: CONSIDER carefully before you apply

We cannot stress this enough: adopting a dog is a big responsibility you take on for the rest of the dog’s life and it is important to consider if you can offer the dog what he or she needs. We get into more detail in this article we wrote, we strongly recommend you to read it and take time to consider every aspect of what it entails to own a dog.

Step 2: Complete the application form

Please provide us your details by completing the online application form. Alternatively, you can pick up a paper version of this application form at our charity shop, fill it in and return it to the shop. The information on your application form allows us to get an idea of whether the dog of your choice could be a good match for your situation. After we have received the form from you, either digitally or on paper, a representative of APAC will get in touch with you.

Step 3: Meet the dog

If we feel that you and the dog could be a good match, we invite you to meet the dog at the kennels. In the big playing area right next to the kennels you can walk and play with the dog and experience what he or she is like. Of course, it is possible to meet more than once, or on a later occasion introduce the dog to you own dog(s) to see if they are friendly towards each other.

Step 4: Have a good night's sleep on it

It is standard procedure that the dog is not taken home on the first day of meeting. This gives both you and us some time to consider if the dog is a good match. The APAC representative will get in touch with you to discuss whether to continue the process. And if you need more time to make up your mind, no problem! We prefer that you make a well-considered decision rather than a hasty one.

Step 5: Prepare to bring the new dog home

We ask you to take some time to prepare yourself and your home well for bringing home a new dog. This includes not just the basic things like a food bowl, a dog bed, a lead et cetera, but we ask you to think about how you can best introduce your new dog to your home. We suggest you have a look at this article with a very useful video (even for experienced dog owners) on how to bring a new dog into your home.

Step 6: Take the dog into pre-adoption

When you decide to take the dog into pre-adoption to get to know him in your home environment, you will meet with the APAC representative to sign the pre-adoption contract and take the dog with you. When the dog is in pre-adoption, we ask you to give the dog at least 7 days time to settle in his new environment (but of course, in case of emergency we will not force you or the dog into a situation that is obviously not working). The APAC representative will stay in touch with you during these days to check out if things go smoothly and support you in case of any problems. If you need longer time to decide if you want to adopt the dog, we are happy to give you more time.

Step 7: Complete the adoption

When you have decided that you want to adopt the dog, you will make an appointment with the APAC representative to meet at the vet to sign the adoption contract and register the dog’s chip details to your name.

Step 8: Take the time to get to know your new companion!

This is the phase in which you make your new companion really feel at home and give him time to get used to all the rules and routines in his new family. Depending on the dog, it could take weeks or even months for the dog to fully settle down is his new situation. Don’t rush anything, give him some time and space. The reward – the love of a dog who is grateful to have found a loving home – will be well worth it.

Rehoming of external cases

APAC's mission is to rescue and rehome abandoned dogs and, in some cases, rehome abandoned cats. We are not a typical shelter, we do not take in animals from owners who have to surrender their pet because they no longer can (or want to) take care of it.

However, if due to circumstances you can no longer care for your pet, we can help you finding your pet a new home by sharing external rehoming cases in our network.

You can join our Facebook group and after confirmation of your membership request you can post a message on the group page, which is visible to all members of our network. Please note that a complete and detailed description, including nice and clear pictures, will give your pet a better chance of finding a suitable new owner.

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