Adoption procedure

First and foremost, before adopting a pet we ask you to think carefully about this decision and ask yourself the following questions:




If you think you are ready to take on the responsibility of owning a pet: great! Our animals would love to get to know you, and so do we!

When you are interested in one of our animals, please contact us and tell us which animal you are interested in. We will ask you about some further information about your situation and agree on a time to meet at the animal at the kennels or in their foster home.

It is our rule that the animal is not taken home directly after the meeting: we ask you to think about it one night and get back in touch on the day after. Of course, if you need more time to make a decision, that's fine! For us the most important thing is that the animal is adopted into a responsible home.

Next step: pre-adoption.

At least a week (or longer, if you need more time), finalizing the adoption.

((APAC always remains responsible for the animal, in case the owner can not take care of it any more, the animal must be returned to APAC))

For your information, the pre-adoption and adoption forms can be found here:

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Rehoming of external cases

APAC's mission is to rescue and rehome abandoned dogs and, in some cases, rehome abandoned cats. We are not a typical shelter, we do not take in animals from owners who no longer can (or want to) take care of their pet.

However, under exceptional circumstances where you can no longer care for your pet, we can help you finding your pet a new home by sharing them in our network.

If you need our help in rehoming your dog or cat, please contact us and explain your situation. We will then get in touch with you  and get started to improve the chances of finding a suitable new home for your pet.

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