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About APAC

The Asociación Protectora de Animales El Campello (APAC) started to rescue abandoned dogs and sterilize feral cats in 1999.


Abandoned dogs are first fully checked by our vets and blood tested, wormed, treated for fleas etc., vaccinated, micro chipped and, if old enough, sterilized.  As we do not have our own facilities, while the dogs are waiting for a loving home, they stay either in foster care (which is very difficult to find)  in a local animal hotel where we pay a daily fee.


We sterilize feral cats, as long as we know that they are fed and watered daily. They undergo surgery are then returned to the place they lived before as no further treatment is required.

Funding for the above comes from Fund Raising events, Donations from the Public and our Charity Shop in Avenida Germanies 20, 03560 El Campello, Alicante. We also receive a small grant from the Valencian and Madridian governments

Meet our Committee members

pam Tommy_edited.jpg

Pamela – President of APAC and shop manager

Hi, my name is Pamela I have worked with APAC for over 22 years.

I started working in the charity shop as a volunteer progressing quickly to a daily manager, then joint overall manager and eventually the shop manager which I still am. I was also voted onto the Committee as the Fund Raiser which I did for many years introducing new ideas for raising money ie sponsored swims and bike rides, auctions and dog shows etc.

I then took over the position of Secretary for the charity which I did for approximately 12 years, then sadly our lovely President passed away and at our following Annual General Meeting I was voted to take over the position of President.

My time working with the volunteers of APAC is always a pleasure as they are all dedicated animal lovers.

janice gatsby.jpg

Janice – feral cat co-ordinator and Vice President of APAC

My name is Janice, and I am Vice President of APAC, responsible for the feral cat sterilisation program.

I have been volunteering with APAC, for the cats, for almost twenty years, and during that time our cat team has treated and neutered hundreds of cats in Campello.

Even as a little girl, I wanted to work with animals, and, in a small way, improve their lives. Instead, I settled for a career in teaching. On retiring to Spain, I saw an opportunity to become involved with the cats, as this is where I felt I could do most good. The work can be satisfying, time consuming, and at times heart breaking, but it is a decision that I have never regretted.

david cats.jpg

David – Treasurer, shop worker and events co-ordinator

Hi, my name is David and I have been the Treasurer of APAC since autumn 2015.


Having previously done the same job with another animal charity here in Spain, I was approached by my neighbour and asked to take on the role, who just happened to be the President of the association.

I also work in the charity shop one day a week, help to organise our fund-raising events and look after various online administration tasks.


Susan – Secretary

Hi, my name is Sue, and I am Secretary for APAC.

I retired to Spain in 2008 and have always supported the APAC shop, regularly donating clothes and household goods and buying useful items for the home. In 2020, I was asked if I would consider being secretary and I didn’t hesitate, now once things get back to normal and we can again start to organise fund raising events, I look forward to being able to offer my help.

I have 2 rescue cats from APAC both 12 years old, and my photo shows a 3 legged cat we adopted in his final years, but they were very happy and spoilt years for him.


Onny – feral cat team worker

I am Onny from Indonesia.


After I finished my study I worked with the UNO in South America, Asia and West Africa.

In the year 1996 we retired and decided to live in Spain.

I met Sandra Wolfe in El Campello and she introduced me to her friends. Because there were many stray cats at our new home, she informed me about an animal association from Campello and they helped me with the cats sterilization and invited me to join APAC. Now I work with the association as a feeder of feral cats in Campello.


Glynis – dog rescue co-ordinator

When I first became involved with APAC it was to design and write their website. Later I also took on the upkeep of our social media, Facebook and Instagram. Now we have a dedicted team for social media of which I am a part. The rest of the team actually do all the work.

I still look after the website, updating it with hew dogs and cats and other helpful information.

​For the last 5 years I have also been responsible for the rescue of dogs. I respond to calls about dogs that are found in the streets of El Campello. If they have a microchip we can contact the owner through our local vet, if not the dogs are taken into our care. 

I also work with the team of volunteers who give their time each week to visit the dogs and take them through an individual training programme. This is so very important because it helps us to know the character of each of the dogs and to understand what kind of home will be most suitable for them. This training is intended to prepare the dog for adoption. Getting used to basic commands is the first step.


Ana - Communications Adviser

Hi, I´m Ana. I became involved with APAC years ago but have recently joined the committee. I co ordinate meetings with the local council and I am involved with David, our treasurer, in preparing the applications for funding from the government bodies.

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