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APAC charity shop

The selling of second hand goods helps us to pay for veterinary expenses, cat food, homing of abandoned dogs etc.

The APAC shop is situated in Avenida Germanies, 20, just a little down from Mercadona.


Our opening hours are:

Monday-Friday 10.00-14.00, Saturday 10.00-12.30h.

If you have any household items, old blankets, furniture, clothes, books and so on, please don't throw anything away. We can use it!

Due to COVID-19, we can only accept freshly laundered clothes.

Furniture sells very well in the shop so if you have any furniture that you do not use anymore but is still in good condition, please bring it to our shop or call us - big objects can be collected, call 693 698 686.

Remember that all the money earned goes to the animals! We and the animals would be very grateful!

If you would like to volunteer to help out in the shop please go to our volunteer page

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