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Klaus was abandoned at a gas station. For about four months he lived there, sleeping in rubble, full of wounds and lonely, until one day some good people stopped at the gas station, saw him and decided to help him. They took him to the vet, they cured him but, despite his regret, they could not keep him. 

These kind people paid kennel and vet bills for Klaus until eventually they asked APAC for help as Klaus needed an expensive operation that involved a metal plate into his leg

Max's First Christmas in his forever home

Klaus when found in the gas station

Very sad and lonely

When rescued from the petrol station Klaus was full of ticks and fleas. He was extremely thin.

Klaus's bed

Builder's rubble

When Klaus was living at the back of the gas station in Andalucia he had no bed nor shelter. He made a pile of builder's rubble his home but had no shelter from the hot sun and the cold wind and rain. 

The kind people who rescued him firstly bought him a kennel for shelter, but even then they could not stand to think of him living like that so they drove all the way back and brought him to Alicante.


After-op care with Joy and Molly

After an operation to put a metal plate into his hip/leg, Klaus was not allowed to walk - only very slowly on a lead. Joy was so kind as to take care of him during these 4 months, loving him and teaching him a few house rules.

Klaus's new forever home

Now called Baby Max

After 4 months of recovery time with Joy, Klaus (Baby Max)  has gone to his forever home with Glynis, Denis and Harvey.

Max has settled in so well and all 4 are in love.

He is such a gentle boy, never grabbing at food, takes treats gently from the hand and never steals from the kitchen (although he did steal Denis's T-shirt yesterday - his hint at walkies time).

Harvey loves him too and never misses an opportunity for a quick lick on the way past.

Max, having lived outside at the gas station, has had to get used to being inside some of the time but is adapting well, especially to the air-conditioned bedroom.

He has been with them now for only 9 days and is getting stronger every day. Already he is able to walk more than 30 minutes. By the time the weather gets cooler he will be fit enough for a couple of 2 hour discovery walks per week.

It is so wonderful that he has found such a good home where he is adored and treated with great kindness.

This is what can happen when people care

We are all so very grateful to Rosa and her husband for bringing Klaus from that poor place he had to call home at the gas station.

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